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At QTI, we realize that the presentation and audio equipment that you use is the backbone of corporate communications, and the lifeblood of every church service. If glitches arise in the system, then it is impossible to effectively communicate.

At Quantum Technologies, we have made the commitment to provide service for every item we sell, with an in-house service team certified to provide prompt repairs on a wide range of AV equipment. QTI can also provide this service for items sold by other companies, and is equipped to make service calls outside the Huntsville area as the situation demands.

However, at QTI we recognize that sometimes even the timeliest repairs are not sufficient, especially when your equipment goes on the fritz right before a big presentation. That is why QTI offers service and extended warranty contracts that cover loaner equipment. Such agreements can be adjusted to accommodate any client's needs and budget.

At QTI, we know how important your AV equipment is to your corporation, church, or courtroom. Let us help you use it to its best advantage.